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A bit about me:

I’m Josephine, but I go by Jo. I’m a freelance editor and journalist based in North Carolina. I’m currently a part-time news reporter for Bustle.com, one of the largest websites for millennial women. As a journalist, I cover human rights, with some of my specializations in politics and policy, sexual assault, LGBTQ+ rights, reproductive justice, and science and health. I also did a short stint as a music journalist.

My work has been published by Bustle.com, Rewire.News, Teen Vogue, Marie Claire, ThinkProgress, NationSwell, Romper.com, Rolling Stone, and The Village Voice, among others.

I regularly make radio appearances to talk about my abortion policy reporting, though I’ve also spoken about gun violence, country music (yes, really), and sexual violence in prisons. I have appeared on panels to talk about my experience as a sexual assault survivor, and I have moderated discussions about women’s health.

My reporting

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Essays and op-eds

The anti-trans Trump memo is already a reality for people like me, ThinkProgress, Oct. 2018

The right’s dangerous use of moral relativism to defend Sarah SandersThinkProgress.com, June 2018

Grief Can Last For Years, So Why Don’t We Acknowledge It?, Romper.com, May 2018

Everyone Is Asking The Wrong Question In Response To The Aziz Ansari AllegationsRomper.com; also republished on Newsweek, Jan. 2018

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I’m Afraid Of Motherhood Because It Means Losing My Mom All Over AgainRomper.com, May 2016

Travel/food writing

On a Fishing Charter with a Chef at Amelia Island, FloridaThe Daily Meal

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When I’m not writing, I’m riding. I was two weeks old when my parents visited the Budweiser Clydesdale barn in New Hampshire, and my dad says he held me up in front of one of the Clydesdales. We looked each other in the eyes, and I haven’t been able to part with horses since. I’ve traveled to the Pyrenees in France and the countryside of Bosnia and Herzegovina to ride.

“Thanks to Planned Parenthood, saved from domestic violence,” Alex Headley wrote. Photo by Josephine Yurcaba


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