Jo Yurcaba is a reporter for NBC OUT, the LGBTQ+ section at NBC News Digital. They cover any news related to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community, though they specialize in covering anti-transgender legislation.

Prior to joining NBC, Jo was a freelance writer and editor. They covered a variety of topics, including politics, abortion policy, and science and health. They also did a short stint as a food and music journalist.

Jo’s work has been published by NBCNews.com, ELLE, Teen Vogue, Marie Claire, Verywell, Woman’s Day, Bustle, and Rewire.News, among others.

Jo regularly appears on NBC News Now, NBC’s streaming platform, and on national radio shows to talk about their reporting. Jo has also moderated and appeared on panels related to their work. If you have a speaking or guest opportunity you’d like to pitch, please email Jo.Yurcaba@nbcuni.com

Jo on assignment for NBC in June 2021 at the Tenacious Unicorn Ranch in Colorado, helping shear an alpaca.

Recent clips

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Oldies but goodies

From Alpaca Farms in Colorado to Tiny Homes in Arkansas, Queer Folks Are Fleeing US Cities to Create Their Own Refuge, BuzzFeed, August 2020

7 Myths About Trans Health Care, Debunked By Trans People & Doctors, Bustle.com, Jan. 2020

We Spoke To Julián Castro One Week Before His Campaign Ended. Here’s What We Learned, Bustle.com, Jan. 2020

Sex Workers Describe The Policy Reforms That Would Actually Help Them, Bustle.com, Dec. 2020

These Are the Ways Plastics Can Mess Up Your Body, Teen Vogue, Dec. 2018

The Case for Public Sex Classes, Teen Vogue, April 2019

How to Support the Survivors In Your Life This Week, Marie Claire, Oct. 2018

Rape Behind Bars: Stopping the Cycle of Violence, NationSwell, Sept. 2018

For Survivors of Prison Rape, Saying ‘Me Too’ Isn’t an OptionRewire.News, Jan. 2018

Sexual Assault Survivors Talk About Sex After RapeTeen Vogue, Aug. 2018

Grief Can Last For Years, So Why Don’t We Acknowledge It?, Romper.com, May 2018


Personal email: joyurcaba@gmail.com
For NBC-related requests: Jo.Yurcaba@nbcuni.com

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